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CSDI’s Vision, Mission And Values

In the diversified society, people tend to have a higher demand for the effectiveness of the public service provided by the government. To face this challenge, CSDI has to supply continued training opportunities to positively develop civil servants’ abilities, that is to make them have forward thinking visions, progressive attitudes and active spirits to pursue excellence to meet the needs of the changes.


Our vision is to be one of the leading public service training and development institutes in Taiwan.


To provide high quality training and development programs.

To help drive and promote policy initiatives through training and development programs.

To strengthen the middle and high level civil servants’ management competencies.

To enhance, develop and evaluate the core competencies of civil servants under central government.

To promote and sustain a culture of continuing learning in the civil service.

To research, evaluate and promote new training technologies and methods to improve training efficiency.



Progress, Vision and Excellence are our values, which serve as a compass for our actions and lead us into a promising future.

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