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The predecessor of theCSDI was the Training Center for Government Officials, which was set up by the Central Personnel Administration in 1968 as a mission-oriented training center. This was located on the same site where the CSDI now sits, on Shin-Sheng South Road in Taipei.


Recognizing the importance of maximizing potential and maintaining high morale in the civil service, in accordance with Article 18 of the Organic Regulations of the Central Personnel Administration, plans were made for the creation of the CSDI. The "Organic Regulations of the CSDI" were promulgated by the President of the ROC on January 3,1996, and the CSDI was formally founded on January 22 of the same year.

  Building Photo

At the same time, a decision was made to construct a new building complex to house the CSDI. This would incorporate the original site on Shin-Sheng South Road as well as land then being used by the Ministry of Defense. The goal was to create a modernized center to meet the need for developing "vision" in middle- and high-ranking civil servants. Construction began in April of 1997, during which time the CSDI was housed in temporary offices on Fuyang Street in Taipei. The center was opened in October of 2000. This fully modernized institution is a multi-functional facility, with areas for administration, instruction, research, conferences, residence, and leisure.



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